If you own an iPhone, you probably didn’t change the app store from your country of origin to the Dutch one after moving to the Netherlands. However, you may have noticed that some of the Dutch apps like buienradar (and to be honest, this one is pretty essential if you live in the Netherlands) and Tikkie (also essential!) are only available in the Dutch app store. To change the app store, you need to provide a Dutch payment method which you might not have (yet). In this case, buy an iTunes top-up card in the supermarket and use this as a payment method when changing the Country of your app store.

The same applies to Android phones. You won’t be able to download Tikkie or buienradar on an Android phone if your Gmail account is assigned to another country. If you don’t want to switch the country of your current Gmail account an alternative is to create a second Gmail account and register your phone anew.

Are you curious which apps you must not miss on your phone when living in the Netherlands?

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